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The EMF Issue

Electromagnetic fields can be problematic from two perspectives: the concern over potential health effects from human exposure, and the disruption to sensitive equipment under high field conditions. Our EMF testing and remediation services can address both issues.

Human Exposure Concerns

Scientific studies in recent years have shown an apparent correlation between exposure to elevated EMF from electrical power systems and the risk of adverse health effects. The same is true for radio frequency radiation from broadcast and cell phone towers. Significant controversy now exists over the degree of risk posed by this exposure, and the mechanisms of interaction by which electromagnetic fields may influence biological processes.

Proactive Response

Confronted with this uncertain risk, many individuals have chosen to take a cautious approach and limit their exposure where possible. Our services address this environmental health concern by providing site assessment surveys, shielding, and building design consultation. We take an objective, information-based approach to this issue in which clearly defined guidelines have not been established.

Electromagnetic Interference Remediation (EMI)

Equipment interference and performance degradation is a commonly encountered effect. EMI is the terminology usually employed. Sensitive analytical and research instrumentation are most commonly affected. An array of EMI remediation modalities, including active cancellation and shielding, are available to counter this problem.

Our Services

The listings below detail some of our EMF testing and remediation services. Most problems are amenable to correction when the proper expertise is brought to bear. We specialize in development of mitigation plans to resolve the difficult problems. Services are provided throughout the U.S. and select other countries.

  • EMF Testing & Measurement Surveys
    Provided for buildings where high fields have been found, and for properties being considered for development. Both human exposure and electromagnetic interference concerns are addressed. The ultimate goal of our testing is to place you in a position to make a responsible and informed decision about the area under evaluation, and to understand the options available for field reduction.

  • RF Exposure Measurements
    RF testing and measurement for assessment of human exposure to cell tower and broadcast tower emissions. We can effectively address the issue of low-level, long-term exposures within the context of precautionary guidelines and existing regulatory standards. Radio frequency EMF testing is provided throughout the U.S.

  • Active Magnetic Shielding (EMF Cancellation) for Power Lines
    This approach is usually the only practical means of reducing magnetic fields from overhead or underground power lines. A full explanation of the technology and its applications is provided on this page. We have systems installed and operating worldwide.

  • Electrical Wiring Problems
    Testing and diagnosis of electrical problems that result in elevated magnetic fields. An explanation is provided of how mis-wired circuits create high magnetic fields, and 28 photos illustrate different types of wiring errors that we have found and corrected. Most anomalous wiring conditions that create high EMF are also code violations, so there is a solid basis for addressing them.

  • Plumbing Current EMF Testing
    Consulting on correction of high magnetic fields that result from electrical current on water pipes and grounding systems. We offer a low cost distance consultation option that utilizes the services of electrical and plumbing contractors in your local area. Guidance is provided on selection of an electrician to work with us remotely.

EMF Services no longer performs residential testing. We are active only in the commercial sector. However, it is often possible to provide a referral to a qualified practitioner in your area. Unfortunately, there are a few companies who make a powerful initial impression, but behind the facade lies a dearth of technical knowledge and an ethical approach that borders on exploitation. You are welcome to call or email and we will help you find a true professional.

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